Best Practices in Healthcare Construction

ICRA Workshop Testimonials

We value the opinions of our workshop participants and use their feedback to make our program better. Here’s a look at some of that feedback.

Our 8-hour ICRA Awareness Course focuses on proper procedures and communications necessary when working in an occupied healthcare facility. Hundreds of healthcare industry personnel have taken our course. We asked them for their comments after completing the class. Here are some quotes lifted directly from the survey...

The Williams Construction Management team found the training very beneficial and is looking forward to utilizing the program as an integral part of our current safety protocol in keeping our job sites, employees and clients safe and healthy.

Being an RN a long time and attending multiple education trainings, this is one of the very best I have attended. It was a job very well done. Thank you for coming all the way to Oklahoma.

This was an amazing class. I enjoyed it very much; it was fun and very informative.

Excellent presentation. I liked the different methods used to teach. The “Splenda” demonstration really helped to visualize the concepts!

Great resources. Info was helpful immediately upon my return to work. I highly recommend this class to infection control and construction colleagues.

Very informative class. I plan to take again before the CIC certification exam.

David offered additional information beyond what was in the course material, which was very helpful.

“Your class was excellent! I didn’t know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. You managed to pound a ton of information into everyone in a very short amount of time. Nicely done Sir! Very good lunch as well!”

“Thank you again for a great training class. I have been telling our CFO and others about it and how much I learned from it. I greatly appreciate the time you took and the Carpenters International Training Fund for holding those classes.”

“I attended your ICRA training class and it was great! So informative and helpful being that we are starting a new project shortly here at our facility.”

“I came back to work today singing your praises.”

“I attended your class and I thought it was very informative!”

“Thank you so much for the information. You are an outstanding presenter.”

“Your class was so engaging. I learned a lot from it.”

“I hope my manager can attend one of your class in the future. ”

“How can I organize an session in the DFW area?”

“Thank you very much for providing this service. Have a blessed day.”