Best Practices in Healthcare Construction

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Best Practices in Healthcare Construction

In any healthcare facility, patient care is everything. Unfortunately, thousands fall victim every year to infections caused by contaminants released into the environment during construction projects.

Often, tight budgets and other factors environment force healthcare officials to opt for remodeling of existing facilities instead of building new ones. It’s that shift which is creating new challenges and potential risks, including exposing patients to contaminants that can lead to hospital acquired infections, which kill more than 100,000 people yearly. Adding to the human loss are the medical costs of these infections, which range as high as $45 billion a year, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The critical mission, therefore, is to complete construction without releasing contaminants or disrupting daily operations, while also meeting project schedules.

In response, we created what is now a nationally-acclaimed Construction ICRA program. We engaged leading infection control experts to guide development of an exclusive training program that teaches carpenters specifically how to achieve these goals.

This program — Infection Control Risk Assessment Best Practices in Healthcare Construction ’ creates construction ICRA professionals who know how to contain pathogens, control airflow, protect patients, and work without disrupting adjacent operations.

Construction ICRA Best Practices


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Floorcovering companies can adopt ICRA standards and training to protect patients as COVID cases rise


ICRA Construction: Best Practices

What the Industry is Saying

  • “The Williams Construction Management team found the training very beneficial and is looking forward to utilizing the program as an integral part of our current safety protocol in keeping our job sites, employees and clients safe and healthy.”

  • “Being an RN a long time and attending multiple education trainings, this is one of the very best I have attended. It was a job very well done. Thank you for coming all the way to Oklahoma.”

  • “This was an amazing class. I enjoyed it very much; it was fun and very informative.”

  • “Excellent presentation. I liked the different methods used to teach. The “Splenda” demonstration really helped to visualize the concepts!”

  • “Great resources. Info was helpful immediately upon my return to work. I highly recommend this class to infection control and construction colleagues.”

  • “Very informative class. I plan to take again before the CIC certification exam.”

  • “David offered additional information beyond what was in the course material, which was very helpful.”